Dec. 23rd, 2011

Ted Doll!

Dec. 23rd, 2011 01:40 pm
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So, a long time ago back on the LJ Boostle comm, I said I planned to make superhero beefcake to sell when I tabled at the local indy comics convention.

Well... that didn't work out. So instead, I made paper dolls! Most notably, Ted.

Sorry these photos are so fuzzy; Ted LITERALLY sold before I was through making him, so I was unable to take any pictures of him. Luckily, the buyer was kind enough to take photos for me so that I could show you guys.

Ted is made out of an old sock and the cover of a shitty Xanth novel. (Seriously, I'm so glad to find a good thing to do with that sexist rapey dreck; MAKE THEM INTO ART.) He has ten joints, held together with paper brads, and he comes with uniform (complete with cowl and goggles).Photos! )
Ted has been sold. I also did some JLI dolls (including Guy, Ice, and Ralph) but those aren't relevant to the comm.

Hope you like! :D


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