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Title: Thinspiration
Characters: Ted Kord & Bea Da Costa
Rating: PG
Era: JLI

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Beetle was sitting at the table in the Embassy kitchen when Bea walked in. He was out of costume, in the gray sweats he'd started wearing since he'd put on a few pounds, and started working out to take it off again.

Bea didn't think Ted looked that bad with the extra weight. He'd always been pretty sexy. But he'd gotten so quiet since he'd gotten heavier. She missed the bouncy Beetle.

He ran a hand through his hair and glumly flipped through pages of some kind of magazine. Bea got herself a can of Soder from the fridge and popped the top, coming over. No, it wasn't a magazine, it was an electronic gadget catalog.

"Whatcha doing?" she asked, taking a sip.

"Oh...I made my first weightloss goal. Five pounds." He looked up, with a proud smile, and she gave him an impressed look as he stood and did a little spin.

"You look good!" she told him, encouragingly, as he sat down again, and flipped another page.

"So I was looking at this catalog...seeing if there was anything I want...that I can *afford* reward myself."

Bea set her soda can down. It was important to support her teammate...if there was something he couldn't afford, maybe she could get the gang to chip in. "What do you want?"

Ted looked over at the fridge and sighed wistfully. "To be honest? Cheesecake."

"Cheesecake?" This was too good to resist. They were alone in the Embassy kitchen. Bea quickly unbuttoned her blouse. "I think that can be arranged."

Ted glanced up as she pulled her shirt open, his eyes going wide as she flashed him. She planted her elbows on the table, leaning over so he got a good look at the deep hollow of her cleavage, full rounding curves of tanned-golden skin cupped in lace and satin.

She reached out with a forefinger and gently closed his gaping mouth. "Come see me when you lose ten pounds, amorzinho." She buttoned her blouse, picked up her Soder, and sauntered out of the kitchen, a mischievous smile on her lips.

Ted sat there for a minute, blinked, and then got up and went to the gym.


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